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پƦƦ ђǝ̷͉̬͐ͣ͡​.​k∆u by ∆NubiisCvl┼

پƦƦ ђǝ̷͉̬͐ͣ͡.k∆u experimental witch-industrial music ∆NubiisCvl┼ (lp) digital and Compact Disk release for hexx 9 records, 2018. Limited edition CD, All rights reserved. ∆∆ liner notes: “Thus the mouth and the eyes of the deceased are opened. The Sem priest then took in his hand the instrument called ur hekau, i.e., the “mighty one of enchantments,” a curious, sinuous piece of wood, one end of which is in the form of a ram’s head surmounted by a uraeus, and touched the mouth and the eyes of the statue or mummy four times, whilst the Kher-heb recited a long address in which he declared that this portion of the ceremony had secured for the deceased all the benefits which accrued to the god Osiris from the actions of Nut, Horus, and Set.. "She was looking down on what appeared to be an Egyptian mummy on a ritual bire. But this woman was still alive, and her body was being used as a kind of battery. There had been a tremendous build up of libido by various means, including an unguent which worked like the witch-ointment of Europe, massage of a peculiar kind, and cumulative effect of bandages. The face was masked as a corpse would be, and over the genitals was a gold plaque inscribed with the cartouche of Sekmet and other Gods of the Shadow. The climax of the the repulsive ritual released accumulated energy in such a way that is was available for projection at the will of the priests." Cults of the Shadow, Kenneth Grantcreditsreleased July 17, 2018 پƦƦ ђǝ̷͉̬͐ͣ͡.k∆u by ∆NubiisCvl┼. All music by ∆N̲̱̮͕͇͖͕̫͡ubi̵̼i̵̼sCvl┼, written and arranged by Luminix Antilles, a. Graves. Recorded at hexx 9 studios, nyc.licenseall rights reserved
Digital + CD available
6 song extended play
hexx 9 records

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