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"subjective feelings, unconscious damage and the price is getting higher,

silent enemy dressed in purple and black, so attractive is your proposal!

the ego bleeds again... you nourish yourself with our despair and laments,

your refuge is the best selling deception of the whole lineage,

confession does not fill the void after pleasure, your dark heart becomes harder when I cry...

How many more times will allow you to harm? oh wicked mind, how many more times will we be prisoners of your worms?..."

+d33b+released October 31, 2019

All songs written, arranged, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by +d33b+ in DarkSide Studios, Rosario, Argentina. Released on Hexx 9 Records 2019.
© All right reserved.
Art Cover by +d33b+all rights reserved 
hexx 9 records