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Diatribe of Enchantment by I††

Silent gulfs are populated by ghost waveforms. The flicker is implied. Check your schedule for a convenient time to be razed by sonic specters. We are the white noise on a lost frequency. Careful aural examination will show the hidden forms to you, solid and alive. Solid and alive with fully formed organs, sharpened incisors and shuddering howl. These creatures/judgements/emotions have been developed over nearly a decade. What appears dormant is only lying in wait. These incantations are echos. Offerings to the daemons we invoked. Thanks to those who have and continue to support us. Thanks to Hexx 9 for helping us get our material out to the world.creditsreleased March 28, 2018 All music by I††, 2018. All rights reserved.licenseall rights reserved
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