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D3ATH I’V3 B3CAM3 WH3N YOU B3ND THE FL3​​$​​H by killerwytch


Nu-Witch Industrial , oozing and bleeding from Fresno, Ca, Killerwytch is currently Recording more releases in an undisclosed location in California,USA . Broadcasting Rehearsals on AcidFairy's Facebook,and sharing them to multiple social networking groups while Taking On Remix, and Collabs from New and Favorited Acts From all around our Darkest World Yet released July 4, 2019 

ALL MUSIC BY KILLERWYTCH, released on Hexx 9 Records 2019, all rights reserved. Track 4 Music Made by Dedalos , Vocals and Mastering and Mixing Done by Killerwytch . all rights reservedelectronic industrial nu-witch New York
hexx 9 records